ROI coordinatesΒΆ

To visualize the topological strcture of network connections, ROI coordinates are expected as the centers of spheres. In the current function, coordinate of each number-tagged ROI is calculated as the center of mass with weights and then exported to a *.csv table.


The current function extracts coordinates for each cluster and output to a table.

  • input type: seperated binary clusters or labeled clusters
  • mask*: optional. mask to do AND operation with.
  • cluster size: threshold of cluster size.
  • roi file: input ROI file
  • out dir: output directory for saving results.
  • Buttons:
    • S: Save parameters of the current panel to a *.mat file. The *.mat can be further loaded for the panel or be used in a script processing.
    • L: Load parameters from *.mat for the current panel.
    • ?: Help information.