STEP 4: Functional Connectivity

  • Input Coordinates for ROI Drawing:
    Click FC, Draw ROI. Both making a *.csv with coordinates (input type: file) or input coordinates divided with “;”(input type: manual) are admitted in BRANT. Fig.2 shows the format of the csv file.
  • Choose Ref&mask:
    Choose a *.nii file as an example. The output files will follow its extracting information of origin, voxel size, bounding box, etc..
  • Extract ROI:
    Click Merge/extract ROIs in FC GUI, switch the operation to extract. Input roi index to choose which part you need in the roi file.
  • Input Directories for ROI Calculation:
    Click ROI Calculation in FC GUI. Select the folders as input directories where STEP 2 outputs.
  • ROI Calculation:
    Change filetype to fdnoGSR*.nii, input roi file and roi index or just use the default settings. Select output directories.

fig.1 FC => Draw ROI


fig.2 example for csv format input


fig.3 FC => Merge/extract ROIs


fig.4 FC => ROI Calculation