STEP 7: Network Properties

  • Input Directories of Network Calculation:
    Click the NET button, then Network Calculation. Open the data directories selection GUI and find the folder where ROI Calculation in STEP 4 outputs.
  • Network Calculation:
    Click the button of Network Properties, select those you need in the Brant Net Measure Options GUI. Those options with (*) will slow down the speed of calculation.
  • Input Directories of Network Statistics:
    Click Network Statistics button in NET GUI. Open the directories selection GUI and find the folder where Network Calculation above outputs.
  • Network Statistics
    Remove strings from search results parsed by id index such as _corr_z_network by typing the strings into the string removal. Select the *.csv file created in STEP 6 as input of table. If your table file contains other information such as age or sex, you can input those titles in the regressors to ignore them.

fig.1 NET => Network Calculation


fig.2 STAT => Network Statistics


fig.3 Network Statistics Result 1


fig.4 Network Statistics Result 2