• Subject info:
    • reference: Filetype of reference image stored in each subject’s folder to register.

    • source: Filetype of image to match the reference image stored in each subject’s folder.

    • seg & bet: Segment and skull stripe structural T1/T2 image. Using skull striped T1/T2 image for coregistration is recommended.

      • options:

        1: segment using new segment and bet based on tissue probability maps;

        2: bet only (there should be segmented c1-c3*.nii files in the directory);

        other number: do not segment nor bet; we recommend using co*.nii instead of bet*.nii to normalise.

  • Estimate:
    • object fun: Methods to maximise or minimise objective function.
    • sep: The average distance between sampled points (in mm).
    • tol: The accuacy for each paramters.
    • fwhm: Kernel of gaussian smooth to apply to the 256*256 joint histogram.
  • Reference: spm manual.